How to Solve HP Printer Problem After Upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft’s latest realize of Windows 10 is one of brilliant computer operating system. If you are using this latest version of Windows 10 or you upgraded with it then you might be enjoying better computing but there could be some issues with it too.
If you are using a HP printer which was working properly with earlier Windows version but struggling with Windows 10 then you can solution here.

Install updates for Windows 10
The very common problem with Windows 10 users is that they don’t have all updates for their HP printer. This is really needed as if you don’t have all the updates install in your computer then your will experience lacking in various functionality in your computer as well HP printer. So, simply install all updates and enjoy printing. You can get help for installation from HP Printer tech support centre here

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor
HP believes to stay there for users. This is the reason that they developed a self-problem-detecting tool for their printers and scanner; HP Print and Scan Doctor. This is a wonderful tool for all HP users as it helps you to detect any issue with you printer-scanner and try to fix it without need to any technical expert.
If you don’t have it in your computer system then get it downloaded from given link and install it. Then you need to run HP Print and Scan Doctor; this will automatically troubleshoot the issue and will fix it too if possible.

Check Print Spooler functionality & fix it
The spooler error is also responsible for your printer brake-down; you need to check and make sure that print spooler is working properly. Simply go to control panel setting section in your computer system and go to “View Local Services”; here find the print spooler and check its status. If it says “Stopped” then click and start it once again. This is quite common problem but you can fix it here. Now start using your printer after a test printing.

HP printer software reinstallation
This happen so often when you upgrade you OS version to a higher one; then your printer could be non-functional. All you need to do is simply uninstall your earlier software and go for a fresh installation with right the configuration. Along this you should uninstall the printer driver and install it once again. This will fix minor issues too. If you find any difficulty here then get in touch with HP printer customer support team here The technician here will help you to do the process easily with best output.